Monday, January 23, 2012

even more disjointed than usual!

i've been missing.  have some thoughts!  or something.

  • christmas happened!  it was awesome.
  • we had a lovely break from school that both sped by and dragged on.  it was weird.
  • over said break my family went to williamsburg.  verily we encountered witchcraft and treacherous behavior.  there were ladies in trousers all over!  most disturbing.  (witchy proof [pictures] to come)
  • if you are unfamiliar with the bloggess and consequently her traveling red dress movement/action group/thing you should remedy that.  because otherwise this bullet point won't make much sense.  i got my red dress in williamsburg.  my mom bought it for me.  also mine isn't a red dress, it's a cape.  a real, wool, colonial-style cape that i have wanted more than anything since the first time i read the felicity books from american girl when i was 6.  i got it.  and it's amazing and beautiful and wonderful and still makes me a little nauseous so i haven't actually worn it anywhere yet.  i love it.
  • another one of my lifelong friends got engaged, which means i have two (2) wedding this summer, and also i have to buy two dresses instead of one because the silly brides wouldn't pick the same color.  it was less than awesome.
  • school started back up!  the children are as delightful as ever.  my favorite moments from 2012 thus far:
    • Boy was standing on top of the playscape leaning over to yell at all the other children "NANANANANANA, I'M TEASING YOUUUU!"  this, of course, required Teacherly Action, so i went to ask him if teasing was a kind thing to do, and his response was that no, it wasn't.  so i asked him then why he did it.  his response?  "because we have sin in our hearts."  i had no response.
    • our classroom schedule dictates that after we have snack we have sharing and a story.  on this particular day, which as particularly trying, we had had cheese and crackers for snack, so i had to put the cheese back in the fridge in the kitchen while the kids heard a story.  i walked out of the room and ran into a woman from church who had her 3 year old son with her.  after saying hi to them, the little boy (who is the absolute cutest child i have EVER encountered, no lie, and also consequently a complete spitfire) looks up at me and says, "you're my favorite girl."  this is the best thing anyone has ever said to me.
  • i reread all the harry potter books.  took me about a week and a half, two weeks.  i had to grieve all over again when everyone died.  it was terrible.  and the deaths are the only reason i haven't reread them again already.  i'm not emotionally prepared.
  • i got a krumkake iron for christmas.  and also a book of scandanavian baking recipes.  my sister asks me every day if i'm making krumkake now.  then the rest of my family looks at my hopefully.  including my dog.  he's kind of a fiend.  it's good stuff.  possibly one of the best presents ever.
  • we had our box unit at school.  this means we had the families bring in boxes of all sizes, we made the kids draw up "architectural plans", we put the boxes together to form a castle, a rocketship, a turtle train (i don't know, don't ask), a cave, and something else that just sort of happened that i think each child thinks is something different.  so there's that.  anyway then we painted them!  and now the kids get to play with them.  it's good stuff. 

i think that's all i've got for now.  i know you're glad you stuck around for that.

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