this is all about me.

this is my blog.  also known as my slice of the internet.  also known as a peek inside my brain.  which is a terrifying place if you don't have a guide.  and i don't.  and neither do you.  we're all just kind of diving into this thing head first.  yay!

so, i'm assuming you're hoping you'll gather a bit of information about me by having clicked on something you believed would take you to a page that is, in fact, about me.  well, congratulations, for you have found that.

SO!  facts.  about me.



my name is rachel.  i am in my 20s.  i teach preschool.  it's the school that is both at my church and the school i attended when i was a little girl.  i also teach kindergarten sunday school (i spend a LOT of time at church, between preschool and church itself).  i do after-school care for a family with two young boys.  i live in a virginian suburb of washington, d.c., although i'd rather live in minnesota.  someday i'll live there again (i did once for a short time, but that's another story for another time).

i like raspberries, and fall and winter, and sunrises and sets, and being loud, and being alone, and a lot of other stuff.

i hate cucumbers, summer, flip flops, social interactions, and a lot a lot of other stuff.  i actually hate almost everything.  this leads to my being angry a lot.  most people don't realize how much stuff there is that i hate.  i do have one friend who realizes this, and consequently frequently requires that i recite lists of things i DO actually like.  this is probably a healthy exercise.

there's probably a lot of other stuff about me too, but i don't really feel like getting into it now.  also you'll figure it out.  maybe.  i'm not too worried about whether or not you do, really.  also i'm not even sure i know it there's that.

also harry potter.  there's harry potter.