Thursday, December 6, 2012

in which children are adorable

but really, what's new there?

today, i would like to share a story with you.

it is short and sweet, not unlike the darling angels i work with who NEVER cause me stress and headaches and inspire Wine Time in the middle of the week.

today, i want to tell you about a game we like to play on the playground this year.  and about snappy comebacks.

well, probably not snappy per se, but definitely comebacks.

actually i'm not even sure it could be classified as a comeback........but it was DEFINITELY cute, and i enjoyed it.

SO.  to start, the children have this game they really enjoy that concerns other teachers we bump into out there on the playground and substitutes as well who haven't witnessed it before.  they (the children, you silly goose, not the other teachers) like to lie down on their tummies at the top of one of the slides, any of the slides, hold on to the sides, and scream out "HELP HELP!", at which point one of their friends comes running, shouting "I WILL HELP YOU!" and pulls them back up.  or perhaps the one on the slide falls down the slide.  but hey!  that's fun too.

they also have a game where they enjoy getting the rakes and the shovels out and making piles out of the mulch, and then STOMPING ON THEM.  because what's more  fun than being godzilla?  not much, let me tell ya.

so today, Girl was Very Busy making a Super Awesome Pile with a broom (it didn't seem terribly effective) and getting frustrated when the boys consistently drove their lawnmowers over it when she heard one of her friends from the Very Tallest Twisty Slide going "HELP GIRL HELP!  I NEED HELP!"

Girl was not phased.  she did not even look up from her sweeping to shout back, "GOD WILL SAVE YOU.  I'M BUSY SWEEPING."

as i'm sure you can imagine, her good buddy ended up going down the slide.

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