Monday, August 6, 2012

get ready to read, homies. this got LONG. don't say i didn't warn you. because i did.

ok, so, i promised you Wonderful Adventures With Harry Potter, drank a bit, wrote a post, promised myself i'd edit it and post it the next day, then didn't.  for months.


instead what i did was weddings.  lots and lots of weddings.

and they Aren't Done Yet.

also, by lots and lots, i mean three (3).

one in june, one in july, and one this coming sunday.

so instead of Wonderful Adventures with Harry Potter, you're getting Delightful Misadventures in Weddings. which is almost as good, but a lot less magical.


i'd tell you i'd tell you about each wedding individually, but please, i'm not going to do that.  i'll do one or two then abandon you again.  because that's What I Do.  SO!  we're gonna cram all three together here, even though one's in the FUTURE (oooOOOOOoooooOOOOooooOOOoooh!)


so let's hop to it, and then maybe at a later date i'll inform you in-depth of my new-found Hatred of Weddings.

this wedding went down in minnesota.  which was AWESOME.  if you don't know, i luff minnesota.  a lot.  it's kind of my Most Favorite Place of All Time.  i stayed for a week.  i almost didn't come home (shhh, don't tell me family OR employers.  they'd all be sad).  the wedding itself was both awesome and ridiculous, and i didn't know anyone going in except the bride (beth)(former roommate)(she looked STUNNING.  all caps), the groom (paul)(met him a couple times), and the bridesmaid that i was staying with  (gabby)(also former roommate).  ALLEGEDLY, if you listen to SOME people, the best man and i had met before and therefore i knew him, but i truthfully don't remember him.  it makes me feel badly because apparently when the first thing you say to a person is "hi, i don't know you!" and then you bear hug them, you make an impression and they remember you, but you don't remember them because you do that to EVERYBODY.

sorry, joel.  i'll remember you now.  promise.  might not recognize you if i run into you on the street or something, but i'll remember you.

anyway, the ceremony was lovely and catholic so the priest talked a LOT about beth and paul having kids (actual quote? "i hope you populate the earth with children."  yikes.) and almost no one knew what was happening because almost no one was catholic.  oh well.

reception was delightful.  lasted a long time, but the food was good and i made friends with people i don't remember their names (except you, joel, i remember you) and we DANCED.  i danced like a FOOL, because that is How I Roll.  oh,and i took no pictures.  because i didn't feel like bothering with a camera.  actually, i don't even know if i brought one to the mn with me at all....huh.

and then i almost never left minnesota.  and i got re-addicted to caribou, which was unfortunate because there are VERY FEW near me.  and it was all-around a delightful time.  and now, we shall fast-forward to

when we debuted Maid-of-Honor Rachel.  we've seen Bridesmaid Rachel a few times, but this was a new model.  we don't really need this one again (baby sister, i'm looking at YOU)(i mean i love you)(a lot).  it was a touch more stressful than the previously viewed model, although not much because danielle and gene's wedding was (for me, the Not Bride [woo!]) pretty relaxed and easy.  the ceremony was lovely, danielle was GORGEOUS (all caps again.....august's bride has a lot to live up to, CHRISTINA), danielle managed not to cry (barely, apparently....being behind her i couldn't see her face...LAME), and it was awesomely drizzly all day.  OH, and i allegedly made a 6 year old cry (token child reference!).  i also got to dance with him (that kid is the Best Dancer Ever), and i managed to talk him into eating his fettuccine with a fork and not his fingers, and also using a napkin.  the fact he was in my class a few years back and my sunday school class last year probably helped.  miss stone Does Not Mess Around, nor does she Suffer Fools.

OH, you're probably wondering about making a child cry.  i made a lot of people cry.  i gave a Very Nice Toast.  i did NOT cry, but i did tear up, which is a Big Deal, for verily i Hardly Ever cry.

also?  definitely ripped my speech from someone.  have some credit!  16:40-18:30.  that's mine.  and shawn's.

definitely teared up watching it again.  because apparently that's what i do now.  i tear up and i cry.  it needs to stop.

and then it was drizzly out and humid like woah, so my hair was a frizzy curled hairsprayed mess that took me several days to brush out.  but it was still super awesome.

and that leads us into

and that wedding hasn't happened yet, but the BACHELORETTE party happened, and it was AWESOME.

that is all i will say about that.  you don't get any more information because it isn't important.

you CAN know that the impending nuptials shall occur this sunday, the 12th, and that they're super mega fancy (at least compared to the other two this summer) and that super mega fancy things tend to make me all nervous and uncomfortable, but that we (the people of the bridal party) have been informed by the bride that we're allowed to change out of our deLIGHTful floor length taffeta (rachel hates taffeta...makes noises when it moves and when you scratch it and she Always Has to Scratch it Because it Makes Sounds and it Drives Her Crazy) halfway through the reception so we don't have to wear them all day.  i'm pretty super psyched about it.

SO!  those are weddings.  eventually i'll have pictures of danielle and gene's...soon, probably, because i'm going to go see her tomorrow and i'm totally going to look at them then. and probably steal a bunch.  because that's how i roll.  and even later than that i'll have chris and christina wedding pictures, but not this week.  the wedding isn't even HAPPENING until this week is over.  i don't know what you're thinking.  but someday you'll get to see them, and maybe someday i'll even post Wonderful Adventures with Harry Potter for you.

but only maybe.

also this got way longer than expected, and it wasn't even in-depth.  so, sorry or something i guess.


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