Friday, February 24, 2012

tastes like encouragement

today is friday.

i LIKE friday.

friday is the day we have chapel and music at school, which means some of our time is planned for us.

friday is the day i take the car seats out of the back of my car and return them to my boys' mother so that she can give them to the other sitter on monday.

friday is the day i can stay up late if i want and not have to worry about waking up early the next morning (although i will anyway, because that's just How I Roll).

friday is my last day at preschool for three days.

friday night is the night i can have a drink or three or eighty (not really)(seriously, you guys, that's just ridiculous) and not have to worry about the next day.

this week, friday was also the day that the other teacher in my class was out, and so we had a sub.  it was also the one-week anniversary of several.....incidents, shall we say in our class.  this lead to the Director of the School stopping in several times.  y'know, just to check on things and make sure no one had died.

at one point, she pulled me out in the hall to talk about something she had witnessed with a couple children, and as we were closing the door, she said something.  now, i don't know if she necessarily meant me to hear this, but say it she did.  her words?  "you're going to become a wino this year whether you want to or not."


not a necessarily untrue statement, Boss Lady.  not necessarily untrue.

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