Saturday, February 4, 2012

whether or not she knows any beyonce songs is unclear to me

Girl and i were having a conversation on the playground yesterday, as we are Wont To Do (that's her favorite place to talk to me, i think).

we were talking about the slight difference between MISS and MRS (for verily that is the only separation betwixt my name and my mother's, and the children are frequently confused).  eventually Girl looks at me and declares, "yeah, you're a Single Lady.  and Single Ladies don't get married."


"no, they never get married. Single Ladies are always Single Ladies and they never get married."

well, SOME of them might.

"no.  none of the Single Ladies ever get married."

this is good to know, i suppose.  although now i've got to wish my parents good luck on the whole grandparent thing....oh well.

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