Sunday, December 18, 2011

apparently i need a rotary cutter. or Really Really Sharp Scissors.

so next july the girl i've been best friends with for the last two decades is getting married.

that's us.  we awesome.
and while my dear danielle is the oldest of four chil'ens, she is also the only girl.  she was not given any lovely little sisters (although i will say her brothers are Pretty Rockin').  and as she has no sisters, and i am the friend that has been there since the Dawn of Time, i was given the role of maid of honor.  so i get to assist with all things wedding related.  

i got to go dress shopping.
don't worry, she didn't buy any of these dresses.  her real one is a SECRET.
i get to get caught up on all the details before anyone outside their families (that i know of...).

i get to stand up front and hold a bouquet (two actually....gots ta hold the bride's during the ceremony, y'know).

i get to wrangle children (which is any different than any other day how?).

and most relevant to the moment, i get to Help Make Stuff.

the current project is the flowers.  we're making all the flowers out of fabric.  danielle's made (and by made i mean cut out) about a quarter of what needs to be cut.  she's halfway through the blue fabric she got.  this week i received the yellow fabric.  only thing about the yellow's tulle.  i don't know if you've ever dealt with tulle before, but i have quickly learned that It Is The Devil.  for the first time ever, i've had to google how to cut something.  apparently when you work with tulle you need a flat surface, a rotary cutter (although if you fail to possess one of those for some ungodly reason then the internet SUPPOSES stupidly sharp scissors will work), a metal ruler, and a cutting board.

and all of that is fantastic.

EXCEPTING for the fact that i am not Desiring to Make a Tutu or a Veil or Anything Like That.  i want to make flowers.  and i have a template for them!

which has failed me.  for verily tulle is hard to trace things on, and harder still to cut intricate things out of.  i have progressed to giving up on that and making circles, because circles are much simpler, yes they are.


circles are still making my life hard.  tulle is stupid.  i don't love it anymore.  actually i don' think i ever did LOVE it.....i think i'm pretty ambivalent toward it, actually.  i think i'm ambivalent toward most fabrics.  i don't really care that much.  except now i care about tulle a lot.  because i have two yards of it, and i must make circles.  and some strips.  and experiment with it all.  and try to make it work somehow.

because i have to. 

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