Friday, December 16, 2011

am i dead? or am i not??

have a hint:  i'm not.

at least, i'm PRETTY sure i've survived thus far.

it's kind of hard to tell, to be honest.

i'm a bit run down.  and maybe sick?  maybe not?  i in real and true actuality can't tell on that one.  i woke up on sunday and was all stuffed up and such.  and tired.  REALLY TIRED.  sunday was perhaps the worst possible day for me to feel that way.  i base that statement on the fact that sunday was the preschool's christmas program and our staff party.  i spent about 80% of the day trying really hard not to fall over.

let me tell you, it was TRICKY.  tricky, but worth it.

anyway, i've spent this ENTIRE WEEK crazy stuffed up and exhausted, with a slight sore throat that comes and goes and a couple instances of a mild headache.  so, i'm not sure if i'm actually sick or not.  it's really deLIGHTful fun.  except for how it isn't.

on TOP of all this we have our wonderfully BOISTEROUS group of 3 and 4 year old children.  they are just the most RESTFUL group of children i have ever encountered, and they have SUCH a calming influence on my life.

this is how they make me feel

although i SHOULD point out that as...INVIGORATING as they are, they DO have their upside as well.


--Girl ran up to me on the playground one day (like, RAN to me), exclaims, "miss stone, i just like you ALL DAY!!"  and runs away again immediately.

--Girl was one of several waiting for her coat to be zipped before we went outside, and when it was her turn she said "miss stone will you zip my coat?"  to which i replied, of course (then i zipped it and made the awesome "i'm-zipping-your-coat" sound i make).  Girl gets in line to go out and says, "you're so NICE, miss stone."  well, i DO try.

--Girl and Boy got into a hot debate not once, but twice, that ended in discussing the merits of Dora the Explorer.  both began when Girl declared she enjoyed a certain program (first star wars, second....spongebob, i think) and Boy declared that said program was HIGHLY inappropriate for their age group and here are some better programs that she should watch.  dora was always included.  Girl always informed Boy that she does, in fact, watch dora.  Girl was also lectured on love by Boy when she sang some unidentifiable piece of music, then informed me she heard it on her pink hello kitty radio and that she loves her hello kitty radio.  Boy was very quick to tell her that was wrong, because you don't love objects you love PEOPLE.  you can like objects, though.  Girl told him that no, she loved her radio.  Boy shot back that no, she liked her radio, because you could only love people, like your family, and that she loves her family more than her radio.  Girl told him she actually loves her radio more than her family, hah, noooo, that's not true.  they went in circles like that for a while.  it was fantastically entertaining.  (dunno if you can tell, but i LOVE when Boy lectures Girl.  it's AMAZING.  every.  time.)

--ummm........ummmmmmmmmmmm..................................UMMMM..............i'm sure there's other stuff.  i'm SURE of it.  i just can't think of any more at the moment.  because i'm still EXHAUSTED.  and really, this class is best compared to a giant game of chutes and ladders wherein, by a stroke of bad luck, you're more prone to chutes than ladders.  we've all had those games.  you know EXACTLY what i'm talking about.

where was i going with this post?  i don't really remember.....but i think that goes back to being exhausted and  on decongestants all week.  perhaps that was my point.....i'm still here, but kind of incredibly overwhelmed by life this year.  

this was long.  and probably unnecessary.

...........have this:
this photogenic little devil is named beans, and he lives in my house

yes, he's adorable.  let's leave it there.

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