Wednesday, September 28, 2011

in which there are pictures and stuff

remember that time i said i went to charlottesville?  and we totally went to a winery?  vineyard?  whatever your word of choice is?  and i told you i had pictures of some ruins on the property, right?  well, here you totally go!

this is the first sight of said ruins upon approaching them.  if you look at the left hand corner you can see the chairs that were set up for the wedding that was supposed to take place shortly.

 apparently good ol' thomas jefferson designed this place for his buddy who owned this particular piece of land but who's name i can't remember....OH.  i got it.  barbour.  that was his name.  last name, obviously.  first name?  probably james.  it feels right.

 anyway, eventually it Burned Down in a Great Fire that was caused by candles on a christmas tree and this house has thusly become a Cautionary Tale.  perhaps this is why they never restored it, but built a whole new house next to it...i don't know.

 this was from the back.  yes it was.

 i really, really would have liked to walk around inside it, but it was (almost) completely fenced off.  part of the fence had been laid down on the ground in the front so as not to interrupt the wedding ceremony.  definitely crossed that there line.  definitely did NOT wander around inside said line.  nope.

and a view of the vineyard itself from the ruins.  quite lovely, really.

oh, i forgot to tell you....the best part of the whole trip?  the b&b we stayed at was a Former House of Ill Repute.  this was exciting for indeed i had never spent the night in a whorehouse before.  and the best part of it being a former whorehouse?  the people in the room next to us were honeymooners.  we felt it was QUITE appropriate.  :)

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