Wednesday, September 7, 2011

have a preemptive apology. which i think is also known as a disclaimer? this is only kind of a disclaimer. i think preemptive apology is more accurate.

that's me.  in my mom's maid of honor dress from my aunt's first wedding.  when i was in high school.  i was being a fairy.  without wings.  also?  picniked the HANG out of this thing.  you probably can't tell.
so, i've never had a blog before, so i don't really know how i'm supposed to start this.  i mean, i've read SEVERAL, and i've got a goodly sized list that i follow, so i'm pretty down with the blogs, and i still do not have a handle on the Proper Way to Start a Blog.  

i have a feeling it's supposed to start however you want it to start, and it should be Unique, like You the Author are.  but quite frankly?  i'm not good at the beginning of ANYTHING.  ESPECIALLY written things.

true story.

every paper i've ever written has been super awesome strong for the WHOOOLLLLLLLEE body.  the introduction and conclusion?  SUCKTASTIC.  also every voicemail i've ever left and email i've ever sent.  they all start and end awkwardly!

perhaps i was an awkward baby (allegedly i was actually really stupid happy and laughed all the time, or so says my mother)?  it seems like it would have been fitting.  of course, that would mean i'd also have to die really awkwardly...nuts.  i don't think i know any awkward ways to die.....that's probably good.  but also means i'll probably be really surprised whenever my Imminent Awkward Fatal Accident occurs.
also good for you to know?  while i have had several educators of mine tell me otherwise, i have not in the past nor do i in the current (present, now, whatEVER) think of myself as a writer.  mostly i just ramble.  mostly incoherently.  i once took a lit class where the professor i guess thought i was brilliant and gave me nothing lower than a 94 in the course of the semester, despite the fact i never spent more than an hour on anything for her and rarely turned in anything i thought made any sense.

also when i talk i usually just let words come out and hope they all work together.  that's also pretty much how i'm gonna swing this thing, i  think.  it works a lot better for me.  it'll likely leave you slightly confused and questioning your sanity.  i think i'm okay with that.  

SO!  to wrap up!  me=somewhat awkward and rambly.  you=probably on something, or a good friend of mine, possibly both, or else i don't know why you're here.


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