Thursday, September 8, 2011

the Lord told noah....

there's gonna be a floody floody!

and it's gonna be in rachel's Basement!

and in her Church!

which means Preschool gets Cancelled for Tomorrow!

and also in Many Parking Lots, flooding Many Cars!

and also in Several Roads, preventing Ease of Travel!

and it's gonna come on the heels of School Starting!  which came on the heels of a Hurricane!  which came on the heels of an Earthquake!  which came on the heels of the Death of One of the Dogs of the boys she nannys!  which means that they've been especially delightful as of late!  because they've both got specTACular coping mechanisms!

well, actually, the older one has a pretty good coping mechanism....he likes to talk things through.  the younger one gets kinda.......EMOTIONAL.  but he's 6.  whaddya want?


i was pretty excited for tomorrow, for truly it is meet the teacher day at school and i was all ready to meet my class, and the room is all set up because we made sure to have toys and everything out this afternoon before we left so that we could come in as late as possible tomorrow and have as little to do  before the kids showed up as possible, and it was AWESOME.  the room looked great, we had a good assortment of stuff out, and i was all READY FOR SCHOOL.  then i find out school is cancelled because the playground flooded in on BOTH sides.  on the preschool side and the sunday school side.

apparently this is an inappropriate environment for small children.  who knew?

i mean, we still are starting up on monday for realz (well, "monday" class doesn't go on mondays, so tuesday for me) and so we get to meet our kids then, but still......i've been so looking forward to this.  i do not like summer for many reasons, and a large one of those reasons is my lack of a class.  but i suppose it's not so bad, tuesday's only a couple days away, and if i can last the last few months, i can TOTALLY make it until tuesday.

true.  story.  i'm kind of awesome like that.

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