Friday, September 16, 2011

this is kind of funny? mostly not really, i guess. sorry.

you guys.

this last week.....i did STUFF.

and some of it was even awesome!


at this time last week my mother, sister, and i were loaded into my car headed down to spend the night with a couple friends of ours at a b&b in charlottesville, va.  friday night there consisted of Drinking Wine and Playing Apples to Apples, and was Much Fun.  saturday consisted of Awesome Breakfast, Farmer's Market, and General Wandering About, followed by a Trip to a Vineyard for a Wine Tasting and Tour, which was Also Awesome.  (i have pictures of some nifty ruins from the vineyard...whenever i get them loaded on my computer i'll show you some and tell you about them....for verily they were Awesome).

also preschool started this week.  it's been an interesting week.  the first day was short, which was kind of nice due to the cancelled meet the teacher, but was also kind of difficult because we HADN'T MET THE KIDS and had to jump right into everything, which is much easier, i suppose, for teachers of older grades. but preschool?  that ain't so awesome.


our class is very boisterous and excited about life and enthusiastic about freaking EVERYTHING.  which is both awesome (they actually do stuff) and not awesome (LOUD).  i am not, at the end of the first week, sure how this year will go.  but!  go it will, and awesome it shall be (every year is Awesome in Its Own Way), and i will be desperately upset come may when they all leave me.  for this is how my life goes, and the life of every teacher.  you get a group of kids, you're all kind of awkward together for a bit while you get to know each other, eventually you get to know each other and while you come to love each other, you also come to reeeaaalllly need a margarita after school (that might just apply to teachers.....i don't know), and sometimes you reeeaaaalllllly want to throw things (again.......teachers only?).  but then eventually your year together ends, and you have to part ways, and it sucks all around (one little girl at the end of last year hugged me so hard and tight i had to tell her to let go because i couldn't breathe).  and then you have a summer apart to get over each other, and then you get a new group to love.

and really, that is simultaneously the best and worst part about what i do.  the number of kids i get to love.  because it's also the number of kids i have to let go eventually.

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