Saturday, September 17, 2011

calvin and harry

this is my dad.  and me. 

i know what you're thinking.  who are those incredibly good looking people?  well, that just means you're not good at paying attention, because i just told you.  that be my father and i.


anyway, you can forget about that for now.  because now i'm going to talk about myself.  and also harry.

i WOULD show you a picture of harry, but i can't really, because he isn't exactly...real.  i mean, i could show you this guy, 
more on him in a bit
or i could show you this guy,
no, he's not from glee.  i know nothing about glee.  i think i watched 4 episodes ever.  please don't try to talk to me about it.  please.
but really, none are quite right because they're both real people, outside of good ol' harry.

in case you haven't gotten it by now, i do, in fact, mean harry potter.

in my family, i am by far the biggest harry potter fan.  most of us read the books, and enjoyed them, but i'm (pretty much) the only one to watch a very potter musical, allllll of the potter puppet pal videos, and i'm CERTAINLY the only one who has, in fact, taken part in scholarly discussions about harry potter.  i have not convinced anyone else how awesome all of those things are.  well, mostly.

my father has been known to pull up potter puppet pal videos when bored.  which i believe is interesting because he's the only one who never read any of the books or watched any of the movies.*

his favorite?  

it's also my favorite.  mostly because i'm in full support of beach parties in london, and because i love harry's song.  my father also loves harry's song, even though this video is about 92% of what my father knows about harry potter.  this song is also why we're here right now.  my father was singing it tonight while we were all hanging out together, as a family.  following was the final version he came up with.

my name is harry potter i'm a hairy guy...
nananalala hair in my eye....
ahnanananana i was a baby......
POTTER POTTER POTTER POTTER!!!!**, i got the gist of it

and that is the relationship that my father and harry have.

*i do not watch the movies.  i saw the first two or three and managed to avoid the rest.  i hold LARGE grudges against daniel radcliffe and company, for they murdered the harry, ron, hermione, dumbledore, snape, etc that resided in my head, and i am still unable to forgive them for it.  i have also been able to hold onto my mental pictures of several lesser characters and settings by refusing to watch the movies.  this whole movies-killing-mental-pictures thing is why i am greatly opposed to books being made into movies.  it always ruins things for me.  always.  i could rant about this for MUCH longer, but i'll spare you.

**this part was, in fact, shouted.  yep.

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