Thursday, December 22, 2011

i'd say if the decepticons come, we've got more problems than just breaking and entering

at preschool, and also at the church in general, we've got a lovely little security system that gets turned on every night and off again every morning, just like pretty much every other building ever.  this means we've got these guys hanging out in every room and hallway.


on our One and Only Day of School This Week, Boy noticed it hanging out in the corner, up above the closet the teachers use, and inquired about it.  now, of course, this was during snack so the attention of several children was drawn toward it.  they all Needed to Know.  so i explained to them about security systems, and how it's there to make sure no one comes into our school or church in the night when no one's supposed to be here and it helps keep our school safe when we aren't at school.

of course, if you aren't safe, there are Bad Guys.  so we had to then, of course, talk about how if Bad Guys ever did come in the security system would know and would call the police.  i told them it had never happened at our school and probably wouldn't, but you never know for sure so we've got the system just in case.  then they had to know what KIND of Bad Guys would come in.

would Bad Guys come and steal stuff?  (well, maybe)

would the Bad Guys beat anybody up? (probably not, as the place wouldn't have anyone else here!)

what if the decepticons came? (then the autobots would probably come too and they'd fix it)

what about vampires?  (it's only a problem if they sparkle)

what ARE vampires? (they aren't real, don't worry)

they all seemed to settle back down and be Less Concerned About Bad Guys when they heard vampires weren't real.  me?  i kinda wanted to go back to the decepticons.

part of me almost hopes they break in in the middle of the night.  but then i think about that, and realize that is a TERRIBLE plan.  terrible, i say.

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