Wednesday, April 11, 2012


remember that time i told you about our alphabet books and how they're a Point of Not Awesome for me, because i have Issues With Them?

it came back to haunt me today.

most of our class has finished their alphabet books and taken them home, except for one boy and one girl who have Sporadic At Best attendance and therefore haven't finished.  Girl was working on hers today.  she had to do T, U, and V.  her U picture was Totally was "a guy riding a skateboard on an invisible Unicorn Under the sea."  and it was all yellow so it was hard to see.  it was awesome.

then we get to V.  she looked at me and told me she didn't know what to draw for V.  i came up with violin and vest, and another girl sitting across from us said vase.  then i hit this gem.

i had to look them up, i didn't know what they looked like either.

i told a 4 year old child in my class to draw a visigoth.

probably my best one yet.

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