Saturday, April 7, 2012

hey girl.

if you are unfamiliar with the "hey girl" line of blogs or "tumblrs" or whatever,  that is changing.  because today, i am going to share one with you.

hey girl teacher is my VERY FAVORITE.  it is Ridiculous and Probably Unnecessary (like most of them), but i love it all the same.  it makes me feel better on stupid days, which these days, is most days.  SO!  here you go.

thanks for noticing, ryan gosling.  it was also on sale.

i'm glad you want to listen, ryan gosling, because i have a lot to say and my family's tired of listening.

i totally do.  you are so right.

why, thank you, joseph gordon-levitt.  i agree.

i like having them in my corner.

i WAS there, and i was doing that!

i think i will slip into something more pajamas, ryan gosling, thank you!

they're so good.

it is, isn't it? most people don't realize.

and it will be appropriate to the situation.  thanks, ryan gosling.

i do feel that way, matt damon.  and i DO matter.  thanks, matt damon.

sometimes it is more visible than others, heath ledger.  you're right.

good chills, or bad chills?

you are Very Right about that, mister joseph gordon-levitt.

justin timberlake, you are funny.  and accurate.

i will TAKE that glass, james dean.

yes i will.

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